Tango in four months

Tango in four months

Tango in four months. Use your inspiration.

“We could train tango for 10 years, and Argentinians will still laugh at us. We have four months.” W. V.

So, let’s start working.

A simple sentence can summarize the difference between a consecrated artist and the frustrated writer that I am. Although not so frustrated anymore… Keep yourself posted. Too much formal training can be detrimental in one’s development.

“If I would have had classical education, I would still be sitting. I wouldn’t exist. I wouldn’t be here today” W. V.

Where does the courage start? What is the point in which fears finish? Where neither bravery nor cowardness played any role because it was all about blissed ignorance?

You cannot know where you are going if you don’t start going. You never know where you would have arrived if you don’t start moving.

One plus one. As simple as this.

It is almost eleven, and I want to sleep.

Inspiration plus lack of diligence equal short texts. Not necessarily good, not necessarily dense.


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