Smartphones are for poor people

Smartphones are for poor people


Hello, my people, hello machine.

I have a message for high achievers:

Having a smartphone is for poor people.

Interiorize it.

If you want to do something with your life, stop using your smartphone.

Start using the internet wisely.

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Wealthy people can have secretaries taking care of their meetings and communications; guides managing their trips; photographers taking their pictures; trainers leading their workouts; video makers with professional equipment filming their content; translators, publishers, and editors correcting their texts; producers, managers, and advisors making their projects grow; accountants taking care of their finances; social media managers keeping their profiles visible; private educators teaching them whatever they want to learn.

They also have chefs to cook their meals, handmaidens to clean their homes, babysitters to take care of their kids, if they don’t want to cook or picking up their kids from school.

So, what do wealthy people do with their time?

Whatever they love.

Time is transformed into money, and money is transformed into time. If you are investing your time in your smartphone, you are not only poor but, getting poorer.

Using a smartphone is for poor people. But even worse, it will keep them poor.

Make yourself a favor, if you cannot afford a secretary; or video makers; or producers; managers and advisors; or accountants; on the other hand social media managers; or private educators; at least, use a laptop.

Laptops are tools for efficient hard-working people. Smartphones are for wannabe-something-I-feel- like-I-am-being-productive ones. Smartphones are for losers.

I am transitioning as well, #commuting. In my case, I indeed have a smartphone. I simply don’t use it.

Perfectly endurable and portable laptops are cheaper than smartphones. Find a working alarm clock, a decent watch, a real mobile phone, even a portable WiFi (only if you REALLY need it).

Make yourself a favor: turn off your smartphone and put it somewhere at the other side of your house.

Using a smartphone is for losers.

Losers are people that lose their time and hence, their life.

Each time you use your smartphone to chat with someone means you cannot afford enough money to see the people you love and like in real life. Each time you are using a smartphone, it means that you cannot afford a telephone call, a proper camera, or a proper voice recorder.

Smartphones are a signal for low status. Back when they were the novelty, it was cool to have a brand new one. But today, everyone has the best.

Watching people looking at their smartphones is sad. It is sad of them. That is all.

Laptops are tools for working, smartphones are just chaotic devices of distractions.

Smartphones can be very good tools if you are poor. You can get plane tickets and maps there if you don’t have someone else doing that for you. As well, you can manage your own social media and internet material if you don’t have someone else doing it for you. You can even arrange meetings and manage your agenda if you don’t have someone else doing for you. Thus, if you are using your smartphone, assume that you are poor. Assume that you don’t have a person doing the job for you.

Smartphones are like a box of tools.

Box of tools have hammers, screwdrivers, and so on. But how many people do you see on the street using their hammers? Only construction workers.

How many people do you see working with his hammer during the whole day? Not even slaves.

How many people lose their lives watching mindlessly a hammer? Only those that have a really screwed up brains.

The less you use your smartphone, the higher your status is, the richer you are.

If you aim to have a high status if you aim to grow in society if you aim to have an impact, start using your smartphone as little as possible. Let other people use it for you. Let others manage your life while you focus on going beyond your potential.

Your potential is infinite. Do you understand? Your potential is infinite.

Playing with a hammer all day will not make you build a house. If you want to build a house, build it. Stop having your smartphone in your hands like if you were building it.

My advice: buy a laptop.

Never put shitty excuses. A laptop costs as much as a high-quality smartphone. But it is a thousand times better. With a laptop you type faster, you work faster, you have more capacity of computing, more memory. You can also work offline and reduce your internet usage. Neutralize your distractions.

If you need to take pictures of anything, make yourself a favor and buy a proper camera.

If you need to communicate, make calls; make yourself a favor and buy a real mobile phone.

Don’t ever blame the technology for your failures.

Don’t ever blame anyone in this world for your failures. If you are responsible for your success, you are responsible for your failures.

You are the creator of your psychological suffering. Stick that to your brain. You are the creator of your psychological suffering. The same way you can create it, you can destroy it.

Thank technology, and thank all the engineers the inconceivable tools they are creating and designing for us. But blame yourself how good or bad you are using those tools.

If you don’t know how to use a hammer, it is not the hammers fault, it is not the fault of the engineer that designed it. It is your fault. If you keep hammering your fingers, again and again, it is your fault. If you keep on wasting your time in mindless apps, is your fault.


Take control of your life.

Take control of your dopamine system. It will surely be scary at the beginning. But fear is an indicator of change.

Stop using it for an hour. Consciously.

Then, stop using it for a day. Consciously.

Then, stop using it for a week. Consciously.

Then, stop using it for a month. Consciously.

Then, stop using it for a year. Consciously.

If you thought I was crazy at any of these sentences, then you already know your limits. This is your diagnosis.

Here is a very simple exercise to know where exactly you are in this prison.

When was the last time you spend a whole hour without your smartphone?

What was the last time you spend a whole day without a smartphone?

When was the last time you spend a whole week without a smartphone?

What was the last time you spend a whole month without a smartphone?

When was the last time you spend a whole year without a smartphone?

How close you are to free yourself from the poverty and the slavery of carrying always with you your working tools.


If you scroll people up and down, you are lost.

In case you type with your thumbs, you are lost.

If you cannot afford to make a proper telephone call, you are lost.

Make yourself a favor, buy a laptop.



Carlito Fluito, the naam of the year.


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