My Ramadan Experience – Day 2

My Ramadan Experience – Day 2

In this, my Ramadan Experience – Day 2 

Yes, I feel tired. Yes, I am hungry…

Honestly, it is quite difficult to move my fingers on the keyboard, and it is even more difficult to keep my train of thoughts on the right track during my Ramadan experience.

I have skipped physical exercises for lack of energy, and I have had intense dreams during the night.

However, I am not thinking about quitting. I want to keep on going, to test how endurable is my being, how tough my body, and how resistant my will power. After all, it is teaching me a lot about the impermanence of sensations. Besides, I am having from time to time some of those deeply spiritual moments where I feel in the present and there are not extra-thoughts in my brain. One interesting aspect is that my heartbeats have become clear and very sharp. I can even feel palpitations of my bloodstream in different parts of my body, like my stomach and temples.

I hope that this is just an adaptation period and that after a few days it will be easier and more compatible with a normal lifestyle. My attention fluctuates. Depends a lot on the smartphone, like always, but I have felt that I am in a very calm state.

The calmness and the lack of thoughts can be a by-product of this overall tiredness that is always with me. However, it gives me perspective about what are the important things in life, and how much energy we wasted in those superficial daily aspects.


My Ramadan Experience during the previous day

Yesterday I meditated for about 30 minutes and it was quite powerful to notice how my whole body was reacting to small stimuli. I was feeling huge nervousness and overall agitation for small events, like the washing machine starting to centrifugate. The situation is a bit more complicated but equally stupid. I guess that entering into contact with this state of nervousness would make me more aware of the micro-worries that abound in so many events that are not transcendental at all.

I am not sure if all over the day I will gain or lose energy, it is pretty difficult to predict. Also, since I am not drinking water, many of the symptoms reported may be caused by dehydration.

Well, we’ll see how it evolves, and how many days I can endure.

Thanks for reading, and Ramadan Mubarak.


Date: 07.05.2019

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  • Carlos Alberto Diez Duran
    Posted at 22:29h, 14 May Reply

    It is amazing .

    • alcala
      Posted at 08:34h, 16 May Reply

      Gracias Carlos Alberto, seguimos trabajando en lo que podemos.

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