Letter to Eckhart Tolle

Letter to Eckhart Tolle





Hello Eckhart Tolle,

We haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, yet. But, I would love to have a conversation with you, but not as a guest for my YouTube Channel but a discussion as equals. I would like to tell that, although I value and appreciate what you do, although I understand that you are writing for a specific type of audience, and, that considering your success, your audience seems quite broad and numerous, I sincerely think that oversimplifying spirituality won’t do much good in the long term.

This universe is complex. Life is complex. Human beings are complex. Consciousness is complex.

I don’t know if you mention in your books that getting enlightened implies reaching the level where your life is not controlled by your brain anymore, but by something else that is maybe behind, maybe beyond, maybe below, maybe before the brain and its thoughts.

Haven’t read your whole works.

But I just know that you are famous, and what I have read from you, simply doesn’t resonate with me. I don’t blame you for this. Different books for different people. I recognize and appreciate your message about life beyond your thoughts, before your thoughts, and after thoughts. However, there is also life beyond our brains, before brain and after brain.

I wouldn’t like to sound very trans personal here, so let me explain you.

If you smoke, your life is being ruled by your brain. Your brain is controlling your life. If you cannot fast for a day, your life is being ruled by your body, by your brain, but not by you. If someone lacks the willpower of doing the things that once, they commit to doing, their lives are not being ruled by them. The ruler lies somewhere else. We could agree that neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, or different endorphins are ruling their lives.

Yes, that is completely true.

The question is then, are you able to control the segregation, the uptake, the activation of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins? That is a new level of freedom Eckhart. And I haven’t heard anyone mentioning your books and explaining this idea.

One thing is that your thoughts are not controlling your life.

but I think that is much more subtle and much more rigorous, much more powerful, to start controlling the flow of your neurochemical segregation in an endogenous way. It is easy to eat some chocolate and feel good for a moment. It is easy as well to stay with other people and feel good for a moment, or at least, little by little feeling less and less superficial suffering. But being alone, avoiding any type of intake (material, like chocolate, or social, like friends) and modifying how much serotonin your brain is segregating and uptalking; that is a different story, Eckhart. In these cases, you are controlling your brain, and your brain is not controlling your life.

Thoughts are immaterial.

Claiming that spirituality has an effect in immaterial realities is easy to prove, and easy to argue. Beliefs have effects on thoughts and emotions.  Claiming that spirituality has an effect in a material entity is something more difficult to argue, and pretty easy to disprove. Praying doesn’t stop floods.

I am working as a scientist, studying a Ph.D.

My adviser recently mentioned that I should do courses in writing to improve my style. I swallowed the feedback and avoid mentioning that I have accumulated more than 5 years of writings in my notebooks. Words cannot harm us if we don’t allow them to.

Writing is a form of communication.

And as with my accent, as far as I am understood, I am not willing to stop communicating because it is not precisely correct. I am not so affected by the form but driven again by the content. I am enough and I am correct enough. My communication is good enough. If you don’t like, well, there are many other people to read, listen, and communicate with.

I am not so good at taking feedback as you can see.

This is one of the aspects where my being is not controlling my life. In these situations, my life is being controlled by what other people say, what other people think, what other people feel. I am so extremely sorry for them. Because I can feel that I am much freer and freer than what I was before. Years ago, I wouldn’t dare express myself as I am, as it is. Nowadays, this is what it is. Es lo que está, está lo que es, es lo que es, y está lo que está. Para los que hablen español.

Writers write for one hour a day. Multiplied by eight.

I have already written for 20 minutes. Not even 20 minutes. I start to feel the tension and the pain in my muscles. You, Eckhart, although I criticize you, and tell that I don’t agree and don’t like the way you simplify spirituality even though it can be helpful for certain people, now, with all the humility of my being, and recognizing that you are way ahead as a consolidated writer than I am, I venture to ask: what do you do to write so much? How do you do it? What is your strategy? Your routine? Your timing?

Can I motivate myself when I don’t want?

How do I manage stay for a long long time, with the pain in my back, in my shoulders? Through which power can I endure the tiredness of my eyes after looking at the screen for hours? In which way can I tame my attention? How disentangle the mix of ideas? All that Eckhart, I confess I don’t know. I confess I am extremely bad at those. So, you, as a writer, can, if you want, give me some advice.


I asked for water to another human being and I received a “no” as an answer. Witnesses may say that I am unfair for not mentioning the details, but they won’t be entitled to say that I am lying. Maybe, I am being simplistic. Maybe I am oversimplifying the situation. But I would answer them that I am being fundamentalist, that I am being essentialist. What I experienced is what I understood as the essence of the situation, and that is what I am narrating.

I said, “Can I have water?”

She said, “No”.

If you have already learned Spanish, we are very keen on folk wisdom, and there is a wonderful popular sentence that states:

“Al enemigo ni agua”.

Well, I thought I was a friend, but I am devastated to realize that I am the enemy. It is extremely painful to realize that we are still leaving in a world where water is denied with such lightness. How long it will take for people to deny oxygen to other human beings? How long it will take for people to rationalize such inhumane behavior by saying, “If that person has his own personal oxygen, why should he share it with you?” Well, because I am a human being, and I am asking for it. And if I am asking for oxygen, if I am asking for water, it is because I need it and because I cannot access it. It is because someone took it.

Excuses are just thoughts that are created to justify what the mind knows it can be done.

Remember that next time you are uttering an excuse. To yourself, and to others. Remember that things can be done, and your mind is just generating thoughts to justify his unwillingness to perform a certain behavior.

I hope I am not oversimplifying the matter.

If I end up with not so many people around me, I can come up with excuses, or I can say that they are not at my level. It is not that we are not at the same level, that sounds to me as an excuse. It is that they are not at my level. That means, that if they want, they could be, but they are not. Thus, it is them the ones that have to justify why they are not in my level. I think they could, maybe their minds agree, but their tongues don’t.

If you want to learn about your mind, listen to your excuses.

I cannot be clearer; I cannot be more practical. My excuses for not having become a writer after 5 years of writing have been extremely wide and varied:

“Don’t have time.”

“I am not good enough.”

“I don’t have money.”

“Don’t have the tools.”

Well, that was all bullshit. Those were all excuses.

There is always time for writing, and this challenge is going to demonstrate that. One hour a day of writing for the next 30 days. At least. Writing is virtually free. Getting money for writing is difficult, but by no means impossible. If not, walk around a library. About the tools, I have a wonderful laptop. About me, I am good enough. I am really, and completely good enough. If I weren’t good enough, I wouldn’t be writing right now. It is so simple.

Almost 40 minutes, and I am falling asleep.

My mind is tired, and it is not making excuses, it is just switching off. My eyes are tired. But 1 hour is 1 hour. I follow Murakami, whose novels are 500 pages of font size and number of lines per paragraph that are not common anymore. Writing is like any other job, 8 hours a day can make you a professional writer. Just by writing, just by working 8 hours a day. 1 third of your day just for writing, and you can be there. Me, that I am more realistic with my current situation, I would say that until 1 hour hasn’t become something easy, I wouldn’t like to risk for more.

Patience, step by step.

I want to consolidate the routine, the need, the stamina, the thrive to maintain my body almost static, writing for one hour. Saying something that is meaningful to read, not just a common conversation.

I am dehydrated. Stop and drink.

If 40 minutes of writing just passed, I would say that it has been a pretty intense experience of flow. The flow of writers is a selfish flow. But a flow, nonetheless. Manifesting that my ego is not under control and that I am happily willing to letting him rule from time to time, I would introduce myself: I am Carlito Fluito. Nice to meet you, Eckart.

“I am willing to accomplish something beyond my wildest dreams.”

These types of quotes are what I found in my Instagram feed when I open the app. I would love not to have Instagram, or at least not to use it. Or at least not to need it. But it seems I must. It seems that is part of the game we are playing. However, the fact that opening my phone I receive these messages means that maybe we are not doing it so bad. The problem is that after the first message, I have an endless and infinite number of messages that I can receive if I just merely scroll down. Et voilà, ceci le probleme. What I was looking for? It is gone. I didn’t control my life, the phone did. We must be incredibly aware of our interactions with technology. And sadly, it seems, we are so far away from it.

Believe me on this Eckhart.

I would love to say that we are closer to control our behavior thanks to technology. But technology is far more advanced than us, and therefore, the screens, the internet, the machines, the algorithms, are the ones that are controlling us. Long debate ahead. Endless debate. Is language limiting thinking? Well, some claim so.

Language and thoughts, as a form of technology, control our lives.

Is it dopamine limiting our freedom? I claim so. Dopamine, the technology developed to ensure our survival in the savanna, is controlling our lives.

How free from technology can we become?

We can already choose what to see and for how long. We could even choose what to think and feel and even the intensity of emotions and thoughts following your pieces of advice and techniques. But, wanting to go a step further, what if we can control the amount and type of neurochemicals we segregate? And by “we”, I mean us, I mean a conscious human being. I don’t mean a machine or another technological device. Please, reader, don’t get me wrong.

The mind over matter. Mind by mind is easy. The mind over thoughts is easy.

Now, let’s go for the next step. Let’s put our mind over our matter. Let’s control our bodies from inside. By training this the previous steps will become automatically easier. Can you change the tempo of your breathing? Are you able to change your heartbeat willingly? Can you change your autonomous nervous system? Would you change the amount of adrenaline that you release?

Remember this and venture to the difficult, always venture to it.

If people want to judge me, if they want to test me; well, I will ask them for money. If you want to see me dancing, pay me. In case you want to see me speaking about spirituality, well, pay me as well. If you want to read my thoughts, well, pay me for my time. I am sure that what I do has value.

But I don’t know how valuable people think it is.

For example, if no one pays me for dancing, but many people pay me for writing, I can make some conclusions. After two weeks, I would have been intelligent enough to know which of my creations are liked the most by my audience. What are people willing to pay for? Should I adjust my creative impulse to what people consider as worthy?

 Will I enjoy it?

However, thinking about writing and dancing, it seems that there are not so many people interested in paying for these. In that case, I will do either the one I enjoy the most or the one that I need the most. As simple as that. If people don’t pay me for doing them, I won’t stop. If people pay, I will do them more often and more professionally. Intrinsic motivation is highly fundamental.

Numbers don’t lie, Eckart. Five minutes to go and the hour is done.


Es el olor de las 3 páginas y media escritas a ordenador.

No huele a tinta,

no huele a papel,

no huele.

no huele a nada.


Mis manos no están sucias de tinta.

Están impolutas del teclado.

Maldita pulcritud


It is a nice experience to write on this keyboard.

I don’t have excuses not to write. Today, I just prove to myself that I can do it, and that will make me think and remember that I can do it, whenever I want. But is loneliness an occupational hazard?

This was one hour of creative writing, but I want to see how the next is going to be an hour of correcting the text.

Writing doesn’t finish here.

As Murakami mentioned, a professional writer works 8 hours a day. If I write for 1 hour a day, I will pile up 7 per week. Every month, I am almost 3 days and half of a professional writer. That is a tenth of a month. Thus, writing one hour a day, I will become a tenth of a professional writer. (A love rounding in such a detrimental way. It would be easier to say that I am an eight of a writer, calculated daily).

Well, that is one-tenth (or eight) closer to my goals. Because now, I just need the rest of the pie.


Thanks for reading my people.


Nice to meet you, Eckart.





One minute less because it is the first day, and I can be more tolerant of myself.



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    Es muy buen ensayo, sobre las creencias erróneas del subconsciente. Me encanta la frase “If you want to learn about your mind, listen to your excuses”.

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