In this compilation of text, I am gonna share my travel through India during these months of July, August, and September (2016)This is just my first experience of the trip. I hope you like it as an entertainment or as a source of some knowledge or advice. I will write this in English in order to have the possibility of reaching a higher number of people and to stop promoting the laziness of Spanish speakers towards this language.



I arrived yesterday and one of the first things I did was drinking from the shower-head. There are still some things that I haven’t gotten completely use to. These old habits and patterns that somehow have been transformed into survival skills. Even, drinking from the tap is now something I am still scared of doing it. Going to the toilet and sitting in a toilet bowl instead of squatting, using toilet paper instead of water and my left hand, I could even say that I don’t feel clean anymore by using only toilet paper…

I was looking for an experience that could change my perspectives about life, and I think I have found it. But what I didn’t expect is that it could change them in such a mundane and profound level at the same time. But I guess that the mundane is, at the end, the deepest thing we can have.

There are some things that are extremely difficult to put into words, but I guess that this is part of the job of a writer. And that is why not everyone becomes one of them. In these days, I am experiencing a feeling consisted on the perception of my body as a kind of stable and continuous machine or organism that is with me wherever I am, even when the environment is changed in its full range of characteristic. Maybe the human brain is not designed to travel by plane. Or at least, to do layovers of more than 3 hours. It is like if the only thing that will not change is this body where I reside, meanwhile the whole reality that involves me is changing constantly. Maybe it is something difficult to experience on a day to day life, and it gets easier to get glimpses of these feelings when taking intercontinental planes. (Although it is something that is actually happening all the time, we appreciate it or not.) Or maybe it is just me and I am weirder that I supposed.

Anyhow, let’s start from the beginning in order of not losing too many readers with these strange philosophies.

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