In five years time

In five years time

My best self in five years.

There is this famous positive psychology exercise that may remind some of us as wishful thinking, the law of attraction, or the power of self-affirmations. However, with a more down-to-earth approach, I prefer to consider it as a guide, as a roadmap, or as a picture of the ambitions of the mind at a specific moment in time. We should learn to navigate and explore life without direction, although, the benefits of having goals and vision can actually change the development of the trip.

The exercise is basically writing down a description of the best of the possible outcomes in five years. So, let’s imagine that everything goes perfectly and that days become long enough to fulfill and achieve all the things I want to.

Then, I’d simply type how I’d picture my perfect life, my best self, in five years from now, my first day with 26.

* * *

When I’m 31, I want to be more present. Less distracted by technology. I want to have, at least, 500.000€, five hundred thousands euros. Deeply, I want to have a voice and a seat in the global debate, in the global conversation.

I am aware that it will take many hours of writing, many hours of working in the solitude of the night, where I don’t feel so alone. It will take many candles, also incense. It will take most of my sleeping hours, and many of my hours awake. Dreams are manifested while sleeping but enacted while awake. That is the idea, that is the goal, that is the purpose. When I was asked today what I want to do in my life, I answered: writing. That was confident and clear enough: writing. Writing.

If I want to achieve the rest of my goals, in five years time, I have to write, to write a lot.  To write properly. I am a pretty useless person when you consider my skills in the labor market. But I think, and I write. Intelligence and hard-working are two of the most valued characteristics in our society (Jordan P. Peterson).

I am also curious and currently working on my humility, attributes that I hope will be more valuable in the future. That’s what I have to write and say. That is what I think.

It is all about writing books, and books are made out of pages, and pages, out of words. So, what may be better than having some long files in google docs, and just add and add, like random pieces of humanity until I get to something meaningful.

I like this keyboard, by the way.

I will write a bit more about this tomorrow. I’ve already consumed one candle.

Good night.

* * *

Good evening,

Stick to the task.

When I become 31, I want to be free. I want to have an impact in the world. Exactly as I desire to be known. I want to be recognized as that person that is changing the world. For the better, of course. Also, I want to have an agenda with TED talks, conferences, interviews, debates. Nethertheless, I want to be heard. I want people to be interested in what I have to say.  Want them to reconsider what is their role in this planet, what is their level of spirituality, their level of peacefulness, how active is their intuition, their spiritual system. I want to offer online courses. I want to teach. As well, I want to publish.

I want to make money in an honest way, in a sincere and open way. Wanting to move the economy in a positive direction. I want to be called Carlos Alcalá, Ph.D., also known as Carlito Fluito. Workig to have followers on Youtube, on Instagram, on Facebook, in real life. I want to know that there are people out there that have changed their lives thanks to my words and actions, for the better of course. In the future, I want to be as ambitious as I am today, but more peaceful, and more satisfied. I am already many of the things that I just mentioned, but I want to keep on doing it, to keep on expanding my influence, my scope, my reach.

I want people to reference me, to recommend me to each other. “Have you check this guy? Have you heard about Carlito Fluito? Take a look, it can help you.”

I want to have a documentary. Also, I want to have interviews. I want to be known. Nethertheless, I want to be able to write and publish freely.

Today, I want to want. Looks like I am craving, but somehow nature made us like this. Part of our beings was designed for craving, for desiring things. These specific features of our nature, are somehow, those that make us what we are, Homo Sapiens. It makes the species of hominids that have changed the planet. Although I used to be against wanting, now, today, I feel that if I don’t want to have an impact, other people will want it more than me, and they may have it. Since I don’t know what kind of impact they would have, whether it will be beneficial for the planet or not, I prefer to play it safe, and prioritize my impact over theirs, because, at least, today I can say that my impact has good intentions, has moral intentions.

When I’m 31, I want to have reduced the overall suffering of humankind. I want to have helped human beings to feel good about themselves. But those are things that I have already done. Things that are already crossed out in my bucket list. So, I should aiming bigger and keep on searching, keep on being more specific, more SMART.

I want to be more SMART when I am 31.

Want to achieve specific things in the period of time that I propose myself to achieve them. I want to have enough money to open a bakery. As well, I want to have enough money to pay a marketing team, an editor, a research assistant. I want to publish, and sell books.

I used to struggle for becoming an artist. But, I can postpone my whims for the next fie years after these five years. When I become 36 I want to be an artist, but when I become 31, I want to be a writer. I will be able to sacrifice my artistic career as a dancer, to develop a career as a thinker. This is a big decision considering that my other website is focused on my CV as a dancer, performer, and yoga teacher. Although I will keep on working on my body, I will prioritize my work as an intellectual. I will keep on dancing, keep on training, keep on oiling my joints, keeping my body functional, rehabilitating every morning. But, I will prioritize my thoughts, my ideas, my words, in order to have a higher reach, in order to have a wider audience.

In five years time, I want to have an interview, debate, talk, podcast, or any other form of discussion with Harari, Jordan Peterson, and Sam Harris. And I don’t want to organize the talk, I want to be invited to talk with them as an equal, not as a beginner. In five years time, I want to get to their level. It is going to take a lot of time and effort, a lot of attention, a lot of reading, a lot of writing, a lot of meditation. It is going to take a huge drawback from my smartphone usage.

In five years time, I want to live without a smartphone. I want to have a secretary, digital or human, to deal with all the practicalities that today I have to deal with. Truly, I want someone to check my mail, someone to arrange my meetings and appointments. I want a manager, I want a promoter, I want a marketing team that is convinced about my ideas, about my vision and my perspectives, and that is willing to spread my voice and message to the world.

In five years time, I want to go with Elon Musk on a moon trip. I want to meet one of the most important human beings on our planet nowadays. The engineer of the future. In five years time, my life can radically change. And the one simple thing that I can do today to be closer to these realities, is leaving my smartphone at home. It’s turning off my smartphone, is forgetting that I even had smartphones, and simply do my life as it has always been.

I remember eight or seven years ago when I got a smartphone that had WhatsApp, how happy I was, and how illusioned I felt about my loneliness being fixed by the smartphone, thanks to that machine, thanks to my state of being constantly available with what I called friends. Today, after 8 years of experience, I can say that I was deeply mistaken, that I was wrong. Although the smartphone has helped me to keep some of my relationships, to meet, to travel, to connect with people around the world. I can also affirm that has taken a big deal of my life and my time. I can affirm that it has increased my loneliness too often, that it has destroyed my attention, that has diminished the functioning of my spiritual mind.

In five years time, I want to be known for being a person that doesn’t use his smartphone. In five years time, I want to be the example of many others to stop using their own smartphones and to start communicating in more meaningful ways. We cannot see them, because they are not using the smartphones, but they are out there, in the form of websites, of longer videos on Youtube, or in the forms of books, of writers, of performers, of artists. In five years time, I want to be big.

I don’t want to picture my future romantic relationships, but I can say that in five years time, I want my relationship to be genuine, to be authentic, to be sincere, to be real. Deeply, I want my love to be love. I want to love freely, with vulnerability, with the power of opening myself up to other people without the fear of being hurt. Truly, I want to help people to experience that as well.

If in five years time, I want to have done the things that I have written above, better to stop talking about them and start working right away.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for being out there.

In five years time, I want to keep in touch with you. I want to hear what you have to say.

Best wishes to your present you, your future you, and your future future.

My future best self in five years time is looking forward to meeting us both.

Carlito Fluito of 2018

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