An expensive sandwich

An expensive sandwich

Most probably, you all expect a story about an expensive sandwich and you have every right to.

An expensive sandwich or how we would imagine one. A colleague from the office just saw me eating a “expensive” sandwich from Exki.

A couple of weeks ago we had a catering. The day after, I offered him some leftovers and he said that he didn’t want them because they were from the day before.

Today in the kitchen he asked:

“Is your sandwich from Exki?”

He shook his head:

“Too expensive.”
“Everything is too expensive”, I said. “I have a friend that has been in Brazil recently. The smoothies and juices there cost one-sixth of the price here.”
“We earn more money.”
“Anyways, if there is a place where it is cheaper, we are probably paying more than its price.”
“I see.”
“You get used to the price if you see it all the time.”

He brought a coffee pod and thew it on the machine. If he would have accepted the leftovers two weeks ago, I might have told him how much I paid for the sandwich.


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