I have been a frustrated writer most of my life. I haven’t publish almost anything of all the things that I have written and this humble website is just a therapeutic process to take steps towards my dream of becoming a writer (one that publish and, maybe, lives out of it), healing myself, and, potentially helping others with my words.
You will dive in my inner world, always between fiction and reality, literature and intellectualism, tales and essays, travels and stillness.
Some of the topics I am most obsessed with are:
– Psychology, spirituality, and human relationships
– Technology, society, and the future of humankind.
– Life as a tale of growth
– Commuting and traveling
Besides, I have a YouTube channel where I upload my spontaneous reflections and Instagram Live videos.

Feel free to explore
as much as you want,
as much as you need.

If you have any question,
or thought,
don’t hesitate,
and contact me.