After Party

After Party




Coming from a party

I almost didn’t go


Human Beings

Love to you all


may you breathe through your nose

these are not my words

breathe in all the good shit

breathe out all the bad shit

we worry as we grow

may you recover the sense of smell

and the ability to listen

may your body wake up

and your mind rest a bit

may your life seem truer

more real

more lively

more alive


may your life be alive


If you feel like you are dying

it may be the moment to change

to go out

to explore

to try something else


simple lessons for simple people

humble lesson from humble people


welcome to another sunrise

me who cannot stop talking

I thought to stop here

until it was good

until it was okay

(okay was enough)

but each of us has our own drugs

mine fortunately or not has become writing

and because of that I bother you all


I don’t consider this as poetry

nor rhymes

take it as a silent song

something that may have rhythm

or lyrics

or melody

only if we both allow


my mind will piss everything off

sooner and later and sooner and later and sooner and later and sooner again and later again

the trick here is to accept


I miss you all and I know you are there

it is a pity we couldn’t spend more time together

but life comes as it gets

take it or take it

there is no other option

because when you leave it

life is not anymore

then it is death


take it or take it


breathe in and breathe out


if it hurts

it hurts

is part of the process

is part of the deal

is part of recognizing that you can still breathe in


if it hurts

it hurts

life sometimes behaves like this


if it is painful is painful

you recognize it

you don’t deny it

you embrace it

and love it


if you can move away

move away

but please

may you do it consciously

don’t reject the fact that you are moving away from the pain

because that will generate a new problem

a new Saṅkhāra

a Saṅkhāra for the pain and a Saṅkhāra for moving away


don’t stay if you don’t need to stay

be gentle with yourself

don’t treat yourself so harsh

so hard

so bad

treat yourself good

treat yourself well


smoke drink chat and play

then ask whether you really need any of those four

don’t get very deep at the beginning

don’t make questions like which one of them would you choose

if you only had to choose two

simply ask whether you really needed all of them


it is simple


let’s play


I hope you are alive out there

and in case you are not

keep yourself awake

keep yourself posted

because I won’t take responsibility for any human being that is older than ten

my goal is to not take care of you

but you to take care of yourself

then only if you feel like it

and you agree with me

you may start taking care of others

but let them take care of themselves

from the age of one hundred

down to the age of ten


become a provider and provide for others

but don’t take their responsibility

if you don’t know how to drink

don’t drink

if you don’t know how to make a party

don’t do it

however if you already did it

enjoy it

be conscious of how you did it and how much you enjoyed it

while you are ordering


each act has a consequence


simplistic obvious and extremely repeated sentences that are us


the ones that should write them down to really understand them


a teacher told me that we learn twice as much when we listen than when we talk

it doesn’t mean that we should stop talking

it simply means that we should listen more


so simple


I am more fan of extremist and wanna-be taoistic paradoxes

so I write things like

may god bless the gift of ignorance

because those that don’t know anything

can learn everything

may god blow humility in the spirit of those that already know it

because we don’t know what we don’t know


the taoism became christianity due to recent readings of occidental authors

But if I breathe it might sound something like this

the sage knows that he doesn’t know

but he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know


and is incorrect again

but I am getting closer and arriving to that taoistic verse that I didn’t understood

but that gave me the kiss of the woman I loved

the sage doesn’t know what he doesn’t know

and because he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know

he knows that he doesn’t know


the sage does not know what he does not know

and because he does not know what he does not know

he knows that he does not know


and we get to one of the philosophical roots of the western culture

the extreme wisdom and humility of Socrates.

however for Carlito Fluito

which is at least one step behind Socrates

I simply do not know


May the best be with you,

with the most sincere humility.


My small gift in this sunrise of airplanes and silence


Carlito Fluito

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